“You know why you are so busy, right? Because you are YOU! Sincere, genuine, honest, no BS, and you do what you do because you love it, not for the money…”
Jason Bontrager
“I have known Pamela Shelton for 25 years and have worked in travel and seen Pamela grow in Realty. She exemplifies customer service and turns everything to gold. I will and have recommended her to get your house sold or purchased your new home.”
Christopher Rodriguez
“We found Pam through an open house one day and never looked back! She’s been so helpful, always answers my questions as soon as possible (and trust me, I have a ton as a first time home buyer!), and she’s recommended the most amazing people. I would recommend Pam to anyone and everyone that’s looking to buy a new home or even sell their existing one! Thank you so much Pam! ❤️❤️”
Ehricka Edwards
“Pamela is a down to earth Realtor, who will help you get a realistic view of the market and make your home ownership dreams a reality.”
Ross Powell
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